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Wheel Tire Balancing Service Johnson City Ponder Auto Repair
Is your vehicle vibrating at certain speeds, say, between 50 and 70 mph?


Symptoms of a car that is out of alignment are, uneven or rapid tire wear and drifting away on a straight level road, also the spokes of the steering wheel are off to one side while driving on a level road.   Also when your tires are out of balance this can be causing the vibration particularly wehn coupled with your vehicle not being in proper alignment.


At Ponder Auto Repair we use the very best equipment when it comes to working on your vehicle .  Bosch wheel alignment equipment is a state of the art system that is delivered with an extensive database of vehicle specifications, supplied directly by the vehicle manufacturers so you get the right settings for your vehicle.




At Ponder Auto Repair we use state of the art tire balancing equipment. Our ASE Certified technicians will be diagnose the problem and balance your tires.


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