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Check Engine Light Repair in Johnson City

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If your check engine light comes on, there's probably no reason to panic. But it's still important to bring your vehicle to Ponder Auto Care in Johnson City right away. Putting off check engine light repair could quickly allow a small problem to turn into a major issue that will likely be expensive to fix.


So, what the heck is going on with your car? Before giving in to the panic that comes with the prospect of costly check engine light repair, see if your gas cap is on correctly. Even something as simple as not tightening your cap after filling up with gas can cause the light to come on.


If your gas cap isn't the issue, here are common problems that a check engine light might indicate:


Light on? Bring your car to Ponder Auto Care in Johnson City for check engine light repair. Our certified techs will access the fault codes and identify the problem. And of course, we'll provide all the fixes you need to avoid further damage to your engine. Call or contact us today for an appointment.


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